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E is

e is a project that wants Europe. 
A Europe that already exists and which, at the same time, still has to be built.

e is a travelling performance, On the Paths of Europe, which rediscovers Europe from the margins, there where it most belongs.

e is a research journey between waters, borders, conflicts, traditions and estrangements.

e is, last but not least, all the voices that arise to talk about Europe: the desires, the hopes, the future of a real utopia – an EUtopia.

e is body

e becomes a traveling, multilingual and multimedia performance called On the Paths of Europe: the encounter between two men and two (and more) worlds they take with them, performed over and over again, in a summer-long narrative journey. 
27 are the performance dates, 27 are the number of countries in the European Union, 27 are the marginal places turned into protagonists.

e is places 

e  is a long, inexhaustible journey of research: a journey which began in the footsteps of Alexander the Great as told by a mysterious Syrian writer of the 15th century, and which continues to cross countries, rivers and borders with the same uncontrollable curiosity as the Macedonian leader. In every place it crosses, it explores another glimpse of us, another wonder of Europe.

e is Europe

e is especially, among other things, everything that happens after the performance: the reflections, the desire to share, the hope that a better Europe is possible.

The talk about Europe is constantly evolving and is brought forth by the voices of those who choose to participate in it from another, different and foreign perspective: my e, your e, our e, their e…